Wedding in Hellbrunn

It is my favorite time of year – wedding season. And this year started off with a great one. As I have mentioned already, I love when friends of mine get married and I can be there and catch all their excitement of their special day. This time it was Lisa and David who I know since a few years. Starting with the groom David who is probably one of the best guitarists in Salzburg. We met years ago through a coincidence and ever since then, I took pictures of the bands he is playing in – The Talisman Collection, Parametrix and their latest hit band Scheibsta und die Buben. Lisa, the bride, I met through David and is a house hold name in Salzburg when it comes to social media and probably one of the greatest travelling maniacs this city has to offer.

I started off the day with the guys at The Barber in Salzburg where the groom, best man and groom’s dad got, well, a groom. It was a fun way to go about your wedding day and if you know the owner of The Barber, Sebastian, you know it was a boozy start. The best part was when David’s dad, who had his hair quite long for the past 20 years, decided to get a make-over and a fresh cut (I will add the pictures of the morning session at the bottom of the page).

After the guys where finished, I headed over to meet the girls at Lisa’s maid of honor’s apartment. It was a lovely getting ready with wonderful make-up by Sabina, great music and a little bit of bubbly. The girls were picked up by Lisa’s dad in an old Chevy.

The location for the wedding was the castle of Hellbrunn at the Orangerie. All the guest already were there and had some food and drinks, waiting for the bride. The weather was incredibly great for the time of year. When the ceremony started, Anthony (lead singer of the Talisman Collection) and the best man played the entry music live (first goosebumbs moment). After the lovely ceremony, the suprise was that all musicians who sat in the audience, had their instrument with them and played a song together (like in those crazy American movies), so everyone was thrilled.

Favorite Part was the couple shooting in the Hellbrunn gardens. The light was perfect and the newly weds were super cheerful, but see yourself in the pictures.

The wedding party was held in Restaurant Paradoxon, but it was more a live concert than a wedding, it was just wonderful inhaling the energy from everyone and expressing it into singing, playing music and dancing – what a great day.

And here the pics from the morning at The Barber.


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    Melanie Koruna
    5. April 2017 at 18:11

    soooooo wunderwunderschön <3

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      18. April 2017 at 12:01


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    6. April 2017 at 16:37

    So schöne Bilder!!! Das Licht war ja wirklich perfekt und beide total hübsch 🙂

    • Reply
      18. April 2017 at 12:00

      Danke liebe Julia! Ich hab im September wieder eine Hochzeit in Hellbrunn und freu mich schon sehr darauf wieder dort zu sein.

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