Goodies for you – Travel photography – Australia

We’ve been on a fantastic trip recently. 3,5 weeks in Australia (with a short 4 day stop-over in Singapur). And as you probably can imagine, I had a lot of time taking pictures. So what I would love to do is, share with you my favorite shots.

And moreover, I will sell some prints – just let me know which picture you like to have in which size and I tell you how to get it. So just drop me an e-mail or send me a DM on Instagram. I will have the prints done by White Wall, so just head over there and check what type you like.

More goodies and free stuff you:

iPhone Screensavers download here
Desktop backgrounds here

Would love to see how your desktops and screensavers look after you have installed them.

To give you some idea of Australia on top, I did a 10 things we should adopt from Australia:

  1. Tab water for free everywhere. By law, every restaurant needs to offer free tab water.
  2. Boarder officers that greet you with “Hey buddy, how is it going?” – not the typical grumpy guy who eyes you up and down.
  3. Pay wave everywhere. So you just swipe your credit card up to 100$ at the counter and you are out-and about to go.
  4. Gingerbeer – I love Gingerbeer and they sell it almost everywhere.
  5. No weird looks when you ask for food ingredients. They know everything about dairy free, gluten, vegan or just basic nutrition.
  6. Recycle and nature awareness. They take amazing care of their ocean.
  7. Flat white coffee. The bigger brother of the cappuccino but even better.
  8. Bring your own. If a restaurant doesn’t have a liquor license, you simply bring the booze you want to drink with you.
  9. Smoothies and juices everywhere. I have never drunken as many amazing juices in my entire life.
  10. Beach culture – because truely life is better at the beach.

And here you finally go with my pictures favorites:


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    1. April 2017 at 12:20

    Patrick, die Fotos sind einfach sooo der Wahnsinn! Bin echt begeistert!!

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      5. April 2017 at 15:04

      Danke liebe Gabi!!!

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